In company of your loyal reindeers, you get lost in a snow white landscape at night. Scared by the oddness of the environment, five of your six reindeers get lost. It's up to you to find them and get familiar with the premises if you can.

Use the directional keys/QD/AD to move. Press SPACE to "jump".
In case you want to use a GAMEPAD to play, press a gamepad button  instead of the space key at the beginning.

Game created in 48h for the Global Game Jam 2021. Theme: "Lost and Found".


@Questionparq : 3D art and game design
Nico Spadoni (@Ninoconut, @DoritoFox) : 2D art and game design
Rémi Monthiller (@rmonthil) : Dev, sound design and game Design



Install instructions

Unzip and play !


Download 15 MB
Download 16 MB
Download 7 MB


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Wow! The game is really pretty! I love the art! And all in Godot? Amazing job!!!

Thanks for you kind comment ! :) Yes this is all with Godot ! :)